art : augmentation II

installation | march 2011

Augmentation II is the continuation of a concept I explored in 2010 with my installation Augmentation. In Augmentation, ballet dancers were filmed in an art gallery after all the other artwork had been installed. The installation consisted of video monitors placed on pedestals around the gallery in the exact locations in which the filming took place. When a viewer approached one of the monitors, it was as if they were looking through the lens of a camera pointed at a dancer in front of them, even though the video was recorded a few days earlier and the dancer was not actually present. In this new installation, I use additional technology and techniques to present an enhanced experience to the gallery visitors. Instead of filming the dancers in the gallery space prior to the show opening, this time I have already filmed them on a green screen in a studio environment and they are digitally inserted in to a live video feed of the gallery space. On the monitor, the live video of the gallery is combined with the previously filmed dancers -- who are displayed translucent in the video, giving them a surrealistic feel. The dancers were filmed performing in their own unique styles, some clothed and some nude. Each performance lasts about three minutes and plays sequentially. The resulting video presents the viewers with a unique experience, challenging the reality of the moment.